Achievements and activities


See how the $1100 cdn funfing have been share in the Wesley Wosse trip report.

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A $1000 cdn grant was send to Mr. Wesley Wosse, Bob Maronga, Lee Heeting and Barnabas Yappe for their dedication in the Sisaiwapp project.


A $400 cdn grant was send to help Warran and Indagen elementery school.

First charity sale (garage sale) for Orchid's Angels profits.

$160 have been raised.


A $250 cdn grant has been send to Mr. Bob Maronga and Mr. Wesley Wosse for their involvement in the community specially in the Sisaiwap project.

A $300 cdn grant has been send to M. Lee Heeting for his dedication in orchids conservation.

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Lee and his family. Just before I left in 2004 Lee gave me a present that warmed my heart. A clay pot received from his father full of white roses this pot was used to cook meals. We are in his orchid's garden that he hope to show to visitors. He is proud of his orchid's collection. He understand the values of orchid's conservation. He collect orchid's plants from trees cut for agriculture purpose, or plants on dead trees in forest, those plants simply die after 2-3 years. (photo 1-2)


A coffee grinder sended to Papa to replace his tongtong.

Paps Bugere little story: In 2001, at my first visit I was really surprised to ear that the three villages inhabitants were buying instant coffee even if they were coffee beans producers. When I ask why it was so they simply said that they didn't know how to roast and grind the coffee beans. I explain to them that it was very simple. I ask them to find something to roast and something to smash the beans. They rapidly found a skillet, a mortar and pestle, Papa's tongtong, and started a fire. After only five minutes that I was roasting the coffee beans someone ask me if he could continue. He knew exactly what to do. Beans were roasted and smashed whit the tongtong; at the beginning the grinding was very coarse but a mesh was improvised with a mosquito screen. When I return in 2004 papa was still using this system for his little business, that was selling hot coffee. But grinding coffee whit the tongtong is very long and tedious. Papa ask me if I could provide him a coffee grinder, what I have been done. The grinder is hand power of course since there is no electricity in the village.


Sisaiwap Development Association registration

Orchids Angels paid the Sisaiwap Development Association registration fees  toward Papoua New-Guinea government and also the publication fees in a local journal of this registration.

Orchids seeds steril culture introduction.

Crash course introduction on orchids seeds sterile culture. The following items have been brought and gave to Bob Maronga: 21 liters pressure cooker, inox long pliers ,small scale, bottles and flasks, filtrating funnel, polypropylene pipettes, small burner, Sigma Aldrich Phytamax culture medium, agar (enlarge picture). Two attempts were made. We succeed despite difficult conditions to produce flask with sterile culture medium that stay sterile. Unfortunately sterile seeds sowing failed in both attempts. But Bob have sufficient materiel to practice hundred times and he is patient.

Course on vanilla orchids

PNG government has made 2004 the year for massive vanilla plantation. I met some vanilla growers that were loosing their plants at the start: the problem was solved in explaining to them that vanilla is a epiphytic orchids, rather than terrestrial. Thus they start growing their cutting on coconut husk bed rather than planting them in soil.